GO HOME. I am sure many will be shocked with what I am about to write. But it’s my
opinion, and though it may be shocking, I stand for what I believe in. So
apparently the UK is running ads against immigrants. At first, I was over-
SHOCKED, I did not understand why a country so diverse would want it’s
diversity to go away. Then I though better and started to look at what it
would actually give to the UK, if the immigrants went away. 
Maybe, the arrival of to many immigrants in the UK, is drawing down the
economical stability in the country. So they need immigrants to go in order
to get a stable economy, so every English person has a job, a house and
so that later on the economical state of Britain is better.
Maybe, they are just tired of so much diversity and culture that a melting
pot is no longer a political necessity so : “your job is done, GO HOME” and
Britain can go back to getting a real and truthful culture and identity that
does not involve “aliens”. 
Maybe, people are just tired of paying their taxes for those who come to
their country and do absolutely nothing. I mean if you are coming to my
country and I’m paying the taxes for you to go home and sleep… you can
be damn sure I am going to do everything for you to go back to your darn
I actually think it might be the third reason. Because as an american, I am
already paying my taxes, and I am nothing but a student. And I know that
some how I’m paying my taxes for those who don’t have money. I mean
lets think rationnaly here : So you go to work 5 out 7 days of the week so
someone, who has absolutely no intention of  working can lay down on a
couch 7 out 7 days. You can be kind, but even kidness has a limit. If I am
working my ass out for you to stay home. You better reconsider, get up,
get a job and start paying.. Cause Momma ain’t gonna be around to feed
you forever. So please if you are doing nothing in another mans country
you might as well just get up and go back home. 

Today, I was exposed to someones political opinion. And though my mind was in a struggling discussion with the rational me, I couldn’t help but think that what this “someones” opinion was Correct. But then, I paused and though, well it may be correct to me, but is this opinion right, and does it express the general feeling. 

I feel most of the young adults today, fight for the same things. Then again, I am not sure because some of us always go a bit over board. I mean I have times when I am a republican (OMG YES A REPUBLICAN, AND IM BLACK ? SHOCKER), and times where Obama seems to be the right choice. So yes, I can go over board. 

The main idea of this blog after all (I know! I’ve made so many attempts to find the right purpose of a blog. I think I got this one right for now, YOUHOUU) is to express what I usually express on Facebook and on Twitter. But I feel it is still not enough. 

And for those who may be shocked by my opinion. Well it is too bad. But I am definitely not stopping so cheers and enjoy my modern instrument of political torture: WORDS.